Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mrs. V's Tres Leches Cupcake + UCR Cake From September

Consumed on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at a program reception for a visiting professor.

Wow. I could have SWORN I had posted about this already, but I guess I had just put it up on Facebook with this as the photo description: "Mrs. Vanderwood's tres leches cupcake :) She's famous for her cupcakes in our program." I thought I blogged about the UCR cake (I think a professor brought that) from the very first party my grad program director & his wife (Mrs. V) had at their house, but maybe that was on Facebook as well. Anyway, now I'm catching up and adding food from their parties because the food is ALWAYS delicious. Like I said above, Mrs. V. is known for her beautiful, tasty cupcakes.

Anyway, my classmates and I always look forward to parties at the Vanderwood residence because we know that the food is going to be wonderful (and of good quality too). I'm going to start a "Mrs. Vanderwood" tag so that I can organize my posts about her food!

We just had a cupcake contest on Friday, so I will be posting about that soon. I took pictures of the savory food as well.

More posts related to UCR program parties to come!

Here's that UCR cake that I believe a professor brought to the social/program orientation party back in September of 2010:

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