Saturday, November 12, 2011

Disneyland Treats: Chicken Sausage, Cupcake, Pineapple Float, & Gumbo

Last night (11/11/11) we celebrated Melissa's birthday at Disneyland!

To be honest, I'm not a huge Disneyland person. I absolutely LOVE Disney (the classics and the current TV shows and movies), but I'm not one of those who can go to Dland a few times per year. I can't wait to take my kids there someday when I have them, but it's just not my obsession. However, I had so much fun last night with Melissa, Mia, and Izzy. I can't imagine it being more fun with other people. M&M are very enthusiastic Disneyland fans, so it was fun running around everywhere with them. Just wish my energy hadn't died so early. Also, it was awesome seeing the winter holiday decorations. I'd never been to the park during the Christmas season. Here are some non-food pictures:

Anyway, on to the food. Mia and I both bought the Chicken Sausage in a Pretzel Roll at Village Haus Restaurant. We both had to think about what the pretzel was like, and we decided that it's like white bread morphing into a soft pretzel or a pretzel morphing into white bread. It wasn't quite either. It was good but not what we were expecting. I'm not even very sure what we were expecting. I'd get it again though! I love good sausage!


 The Chocolate Black Forest Cupcake (also from Village Haus) was huge. The frosting was whipped cream, which was good but not the best (it wasn't freshly whipped, so it was a little stiff and just not fresh), the cherry tasted a little off (Melissa said that), the chocolate pieces were good but could definitely use some work (Mia and I both said it wasn't great/that it could be better), the chocolate cake itself was good, and the chocolate mousse filling was creamy and yummy. I loved having the cherries in the middle.


This "Dole Whip Float" was outside the Tikki Room, and it was SO good. You really have to like pineapple because it's Dole pineapple juice topped with pineapple soft serve ice cream. I love that part at the bottom of the ice cream where it's kinda crunchy from the juice freezing a little. Yum! I'd get this again definitely. Oh--and the cherry was fresh (for a maraschino cherry, anyways!). Melissa said it was better than the one on the cupcake pictured above.

You could easily make this at home with Dole pineapple juice (or any kind!) and vanilla or pineapple ice cream. Just two ingredients. Reminds me of my 50/50 bar drink that I make for myself. You could blend the juice with ice or blend everything with ice or just leave it as ice cream with juice. All versions are delicious.

The gumbo at Disneyland's New Orleans Square was soo good last night! M&M had it last year and had to have it again, which was perfect to me because I've wanted to try gumbo. Melissa said a random lady told her that the gumbo at Disneyland is amazing and that it's as good or better than the gumbo she has had back from her home area of New Orleans. Must be good then! They also have a vegetable gumbo option that I didn't try.

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