Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chocolate Chip Kettle Corn

 The inspiration for this twist on kettle corn:
A kindergarten teacher gave this to me, and it was DELICIOUS!!
Popcorn Indian's Dark Fudge Chocolate Chip Kettle Corn
So I decided to make my own. You could just pop a bag of store-bought kettle corn and then dump some chocolate chips into your still-warm bowl of popcorn, which I did at first. You could also make kettle corn, which is pretty simple, and then dump in chocolate chips. Either way, your popcorn will be sooo good...unless you're a bum like my housemate, Grace, who said it was too sweet. Just kidding. I am picky about how sweet I like things too. You can adjust your sugar in the kettle corn and the amount of chocolate chips you add later. Just plain kettle corn is still awesome.

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