Saturday, March 24, 2012

Caramel Pop Krunch

Karen-Ginger Gifts

My parents always bring home interesting food. I came home and tried these a few minutes ago and LOVED them (my dad and even my brother like this...and my brother is a pooper and rarely likes sweets). I tried this thinking it would be one of those expensive mediocre-tasting popcorn products, but THESE ARE DELICIOUS!! Picture cheese puffs without the cheese flavor ... and then cover them with a coating of dark caramel. I say "dark" to emphasize the almost-burnt flavor. SO good. Here's the website's description:

"A Karen-Ginger Favorite, Sweet Caramel corn puffs with the perfect 'Pop and Krunch' for any occasion."

I've also had their Chocolate Mochi Krunch (see website), which are brown rice crackers covered in chocolate.

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