Friday, March 2, 2012

The Dutch Eating Place - Philadelphia, PA

Dutch Eating Place
(in the Reading Terminal Market)
1200 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 922-0425

Liz: "I just went to the Dutch Eating Place."
Corrie: "Ohh. What's it called?"
Liz: "The Dutch Eating Place."

Oh. haha!

Went there during a break from our conference with Melissa, Mia, and Christy. Christy and I really enjoyed the "Apple Cinnamon French Toast." I could have eaten more. For some reason this picture below does not do the dish justice though. The egg layer is a bit thick and looks like cheese, but trust was delicious (not too heavy or sweet or dry or wet...and it had lots of cinnamon and chunks of apples, which I love!).


They make their own lemonade. It was lightly sweet.
Creamed beef on homefries. Basically a thick gravy with slices of beef over soft homefries/country fried potatoes. Good but not my absolute favorite. It's pretty rich, so don't order it if you want something light. I liked that it wasn't like other places' hash browns, corned beef, etc.

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