Thursday, March 1, 2012

McGillan's Old Ale House: The Oldest Irish Pub in Philly

McGillan's Old Ale House
1310 Drury Street (not Drury Lane! ha)
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Website here

Went to Philly last week for a conference with my buddies/classmates and Michael, an old friend from my hometown church and undergrad. We met here for a social with other grad students. The place was very busy and had delicious hush puppies with a fairly spicy salsa thing that was surprisingly sweet but also spicy--a tad bit too spicy for me (but I still recommend it!)

I still do not feel comfortable doing beer reviews. I do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to truly evaluate or even describe them. I'm surprised I even remember this was a lager. I enjoyed it and the fact that McGillan's made it.
My lager

My hush puppies with a sweet-and-spicy salsa (cannot find a menu description online)

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