Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fuel - Philadelphia, PA

Fuel - Center City location
1225 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Went to Fuel with Kurtis in the middle of the conference I attended because he knows the area now that he lives there for grad school. I had just eaten lunch, so I only got a "Green Tea Matcha" drink (Men description: "Japanese Green Tea Matcha and Skim Milk"). I was worried because the "skim milk" description was a warning sign that it might taste too healthy, but I enjoyed it a lot and would get it again! I absolutely love matcha drinks. Anyway, my classmates/friends went here at a separate time and said the food was delicious.

Fuel has funny drink names like "Hangover Helper," "The Hulk," and "Give Me a Tan," as well as others like "Fruit Fuzzion," "Mango Madness," and "Pineapple Power Lunch." See more drinks here.

They also have awesome-sounding appetizers, salads, and paninis.

Kurtis's sandwich

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