Sunday, September 16, 2012

Food at Fenway Park - Boston, MA

Fenway Park ("Pahk")
4 Yawkey Way - Yup. That's their address above.
Boston, MA 02215

Soo much fun! Blake and I had a blast at the game and on their tour.

Of course we had to each get a Fenway Frank! Blake thought I had called it a "Friendly Frank," so this guy behind us in line laughed at me...but the entire time I was calling it a Fenway Frank. Geez I know I'm a girl who doesn't know much about baseball, but that doesn't mean I goof up food names. If anything, I know more about the food at baseball stadiums than about the teams themselves. Psh. Haha

Blake's beer:


Gluten-free pizza? No way!

Had to get a soft serve just for the picture and baseball cap.

Pretty field:

Sausage (did not try):

Pizza (also did not try):

Condiment station for hot dogs and sausage:

Sushi!! Interesting. Curious... And a bottled smoothie?