Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tacos @ El Fogon - Riverside, CA

Carne asada & carnitas tacos!!
El Fogon
765 Blaine St
Riverside, CA 92507

These first two pictures are of carne asada and carnitas tacos that I got with Grace last night. The pictures of the three tacos (pork, asada, al pastor) are from when I had lunch with my cohort on Thursday. Yes...I went back the next day. :) They are $1.50 each and so tasty! Plus Alex, the owner who makes the sauces and I'm sure a lot of other things from scratch, is SO sweet and welcoming. Grace and I loved her. We will be back to visit and eat reasonably priced, delicious food!

Salsa for chips, mild, medium, and spicy sauces. Each is different and tasty. I prefer less spicy food in general, but I liked the flavor of all three.

 Al pastor, carne asada, & carnitas:

 Haha...the radish slice is crawling up the middle taco.

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