Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pumpkin Ice Cream at Han's Homemade Ice Cream - Santa Ana, CA

Han's Homemade Ice Cream & Deli
3640 South Bristol Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Kristine and I had homemade ice cream here in response to a recommendation from Erin. Fortunately, we had some time after presenting our posters at a research conference in Costa Mesa. Yum. I didn't take a picture of Kristine's double-scoop waffle cone because we had to hit the road immediately so that I could attend a research team meeting on time, but we both enjoyed our flavors. I was happy that this pumpkin ice cream was made of real pumpkin. I was a little sad for not being able to try the other flavors because I wasn't really in the pumpkin mood (shocking!), but I couldn't resist trying ice cream made of real pumpkin! It definitely tasted good, and somehow it didn't melt completely during the almost-hour-long drive back to Riverside.

Here is a sample of their flavors:

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