Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Crumpet Shop (Revisited) - Seattle

Organic lemon curd & ricotta cheese on a crumpet. Delicious. Sweet and tangy.

On the last morning of our trip to Seattle, Rebecca, Kavita, and I had crumpets at The Crumpet Shop (I wrote about this place as part of a food tour in 2010). They were all very good, although I'm just not a big fan of salmon unless it's raw or it's salmon teriyaki. Smoked salmon is okay.... Sadly, I had to get my crumpet and run to the airport, which is why the picture above has buildings in the background. This place is right across from Pike Place Market, by the way.
(1) Corrie's lemon curd with ricotta, (2) Rebecca's green eggs & ham, & (3) Kavita's smoked salmon blended with cream cheese & topped with cucumbers

I guess this white thing on the right is a crumpet. haha


Gail said...

the crumpet shop is awesome!!! so yummy.

p.s. hi corrie!

Corriendo said...

HI, GAIL!!! :)