Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

My chicken salad sandwich, made with raisins, green apples, almonds, & mayonaise...on Safeway's poopyseed/hazelnut bread, which is actually pretty good:

What inspired the sweet and salty mixture?

This is my absolute favorite chicken salad sandwich, which I bought from the Corner Bakery Cafe in Costa Mesa's South Coast Plaza (mall). Ingredients include sliced almonds, currants, and apples. SO good:

I've been trying to find a similar chicken salad sandwich in Berkeley, but the closest I've gotten so far has been the Oba Oba sandwich from Brazil Cafe (still yummy, although it looks kinda weird), which has corn and carrots and no apples or almonds:

* Note:  I've tried Cafe Intermezzo's chicken salad sandwich (in Berkeley), but it wasn't made of apples and whatever else their menu says it's made of...and it was mustardy instead of mayo-y.

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