Sunday, December 30, 2007

Xmas 2007

Xmas cookies from my neighbor. Yeah...the tablecloth does not match the season.

In addition to the apple pie, my mom and I made a chocolate fudge cake with coffee frosting (for Xmas Eve), which wasn't all that great...and it was difficult to frost because the frosting kept picking up bits of the cake. I didn't think the frosting was good, and the cake was kinda dry and not that tasty.

Some kind of potato thing with cheese that my aunt made for Xmas Day:

Some of the desserts:

The madelines tasted like soap, and I didn't try the snowman cookies, but the manju (mochi with red bean paste in the middle) was pretty good:

I LOVED these Russian tea cookies:

The chocolate lace came via UPS last Friday! This was the second part of my mom's three-part gift.... It ended up being about five layers of chocolate lace instead of just one (thank goodness).
Here's what the inside looks like (it's caramelized sugar covered in dark chocolate):

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