Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jayakarta Restaurant (Berkeley)

Just ate at Jayakarta (Indonesian-Singaporean food) on University Avenue. Here is their website/menu.

Yummmmy. Here is what we ordered:

1. Perkedel (appetizer), which ended up being pretty much like Japanese koroke (a.k.a. croquettes, which are fried potato and meat balls). My dad ordered them because of that (i.e., he knew they were going to be similar to koroke).

2. Bihun ayam (sauteed garlic-seasoned chicken over rice noodles with some kind of oyster sauce): good, but not anything REALLY exciting.

3. Some kind of fried rice (probably the nasi goreng Jayakarta). Very flavorful and delicious. It wasn't like Japanese or Chinese rice. Darker and redder in color. I can't really describe the flavor; it was just tasty.

4. Ayam kalasam: a sweet BBQ chicken (not too sweet though!). Also very flavorful and delicious. I guess if you don't like your chicken sweet, you wouldn't like it, but I thought it was wonderful. The meat was tender, and there were very few bones.

5. Some kind of Thai iced coffee-like drink. Wayyy too sweet at first, but once we added some water and more ice, it was good. lol

I liked how each dish had its own unique flavor. I would definitely go back again. I love finding new favorite restaurants. The only thing that makes me worry is this Yelp review (by Lynne G). She said basically that either Jayakarta employees or friends of the Jayakarta owners rated all Asian restaurants on University Avenue with one star except for Jayakarta, which they rated highly on purpose so that potential customers would choose them instead of their competitors. If that is true, that's pretty low of them.

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