Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Starbucks Pastries!!

* Please note: I did not eat all of these in one day.

I am so good at procrastinating right now. Terrible...I know.

I splurged and bought a blueberry scone from Starbucks on my way to work today. 440 calories, 140 of which were from fat. 23g of sugar. Tasted a little bit like lemon for some reason. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything special, and, given the nutrition facts, I will most likely never get one again.

I also tried the Starbucks pumpkin cream cheese muffin a few weeks ago (also right before work). I should just not go to work, huh? Haha. There are TWO stores--one on each side of the office. I should just have more self-control. Anyways, here's a picture of the pumpkin cream cheese muffin, although I stole it from pumpkinpassion.com, which I just discovered today! I love it!

So...the pumpkin cream cheese muffin: I usually don't like spicy pumpkiny things (I love pumpkin without the fancy spices), but I loved this. Obviously it's not low in fat or sugar, but the flavor was excellent. I think the cream cheese made it too much. Too rich...and it was kinda random because it was gooey and soft and the muffin was rigid. The pumpkin seeds on top were coated with sugar, which made them tasty. Too bad the nutrition facts depressed me for a few weeks. 490 calories. 24g fat. Nasty.

Also tried ONE petite herb cheese scone (my first savory scone!...I think). Good, but nothing amazing. Expensive. Can't remember how much. Just ONE was 100 calories. Goodness.

Another time, I had the pumpkin scone. 480 calories. 15g fat. 21g sugar. Ugh. So good though. I could live without all of the icing though.

Here is the Starbucks pumpkin scone recipe.

Sorry...I'm giving up on trying to find a picture for each pastry. Maybe later?

Bottom line: I'm impressed with Starbucks's pastries, but I will definitely only eat them once in a while.

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