Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Japan 2005: Part I

Took a lot of pictures in Japan. These are the only food ones I have on the computer at the moment, but I will most likely put up the rest at some point in my life. :D

K...this is why Japanese are so thin and American are so...not (we were still hungry after almost all of our meals). The tray is in the shape of the Superman S!! This was in Kyoto:

I HAD to try my favorite Japanese dish, oyako donburi (means something like "mother and child," which is sad, but it is made out of chicken and egg), in JAPAN. This was very good. You can see my Japanese language guide in the back. This was also in Kyoto.

Natto (You either hate this or you love it; it's fermented beans. I gave it another shot, and I still hate it. It tastes like snot + glue + coffee + red beans):

Hot soba (pretty much what you see here...noodles) from a restaurant in or near Yamaguchi. I think my favorite thing about this place was that they had little buzzers that you could press when you wanted service. WHY DON'T WE HAVE THAT HERE IN AMERICA?:

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