Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival

I don't have any pictures of chocolate because I didn't actually participate in this event. I did get a free sample of chocolate, but it might have been from some other event because they had a bunch of tents up whose owners were selling food and non-food items. I did have a sample that was for sure related to the event though. It was a sample of Adina organics's Mayan Iced Mocha, which was pretty good. The usual price inside of Elephant Pharmacy is $2-something.

Anyways, so I guess they have this event every year (yesterday's was their 12th one) in the northern area of Berkeley where they have chocolate samples as well as a chalk art contest (first prize was $250 and runners-up received $50 Elephant Pharmacy gift cards) along the North Shattuck sidewalks. I saw some kids having fun doodling on the ground. Seems like a good event for kids. If I lived in Berkeley and had kids, I'd have them do it just for fun...but I do NOT want to live in that doesn't matter...but it was nice seeing families working together and kids smiling and drawing. Here are a couple of bad pictures of excellent chalk artwork:

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