Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Very Happy Food Day: Saul's, Poulet, & Nanayiro Reviews

** I have my camera battery charger now!! **

Sometimes I buy food impulsively. I didn't go crazy, but today I definitely spent more money on food than I usually do in one day (actually, dinner doesn't count cuz that ended up being a special occasion!).

* Grilled chicken sandwich from Poulet (you know...that chicken place you always pass by on Shattuck north of campus):

+ Tasty! The bread had rosemary in it, and you know how well rosemary goes with chicken.
+ The place was cute. Had little chicken gadgets like staplers and magnets. They also sell sweets like cake.
- Too expensive (a little over $8 with tax!!) for its size and what was in it (I can easily think of several places that have bigger and better sandwiches for cheaper prices):

- I could see how people might think it's boring because it only had chicken, cheese, and a little mayo.

- Bread was greasy, but that might have been what made it taste so good.

* Chocolate chip & strawberry bread pudding from Saul's (because Cheeseboard wasn't selling their bread pudding today):
+ Yummy without being too sweet
+ Original price was $5, but because it was pretty small, the girl gave it to me for $3.
- Coulda done without the strawberries. I just don't like fruit in bread pudding :( Bananas are awful in bread pudding, by the way.


So...I gave Nanayiro a second chance. The first time I went, I was too annoyed by the menu's spelling errors to even remember what the food was like. Before I point out exactly what kind of errors they made, I have to say that I hate spelling errors on menus because they mislead/misinform people. I understand that many Japanese restaurants do not have Japanese owners, but that's no excuse. Wouldn't you be annoyed if you saw "Nugets" on a McDonald's menu or "beaf" or "letuss" or something written on some other menu? You get my point. If you want to attract and keep customers, you've just gotta have things spelled correctly. I don't even speak much Japanese, and I immediately found these errors. What do I mean by spelling errors? First of all, the Japanese characters on their window don't match the English spelling (the hiragana says "Nanairo," but the English part says "NanaYIro." Guess those few years of Japanese culture/language school taught me something!

Second, "HAMACH"?? Sometimes you can drop the I sound when speaking Japanese (e.g., in the name Yoshiko), but you can't do that with spelling as far as I know. And now you all think I'm a big pompous grammar/spelling freak.

Third, they consistently spelled wasabi incorrectly (the pronunciation for the spelling pictured below would be "wah-sah-bee-eh"):

Anyways, on to the good stuff. The service was excellent. The waitresses were all smiley, polite, and nice, and they brought our food quickly. Here's my turtle shell-looking plate and salad and miso soup, all of which came with both Kurtis's bento box and my oyako donburi. Kurtis and I agreed that the salad dressing was spicy but still good. I thought the miso was a little on the watery side, but it wasn't awful. The water was good (that's important!).

The food was beautiful:

* Caterpillar roll = avocado, unagi (eel), cucumber, masago (small orange eggs):

My oyako donburi. Good, but the chicken didn't taste like normal oyako donburi chicken. It tasted...smoky. There also wasn't enough egg. I liked how the broccoli was healthily unfried though.

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