Thursday, May 22, 2008

Japan 2005: Part II

Here are some of my pictures of the food we ate with our host family in the mountains of Yamaguchi-ken (prefecture). Living with them was a great experience. I slept on the tatami-matted floor with Whitney and Valerie with just the screen door open (I guess they don't lock their doors up there). And we woke up to the sound of rain. So peaceful and beautiful (although there were a lot of mosquitoes). And we tried desperately to read and chant the hiragana/kanji writing in their service books during our private little services, but we failed (the family's house was also a Buddhist temple).

I think I have more pictures of our host family meals somewhere, but these are the only ones I have right now. Anyways, my host family's neighbor or friend was a "professional chef," and so he came over one night and brought a ton of fresh fish and other ingredients with which he made us all of the fresh sushi we could eat on the spot. That was incredible.

Maguro (raw tuna), unagi (cooked eel), and sake (raw salmon):

Ham (random!), something greenish, something missing a bite, and raw squid, which made me nauseous for some reason. Once in a while, I get nauseous when I eat sushi. The weird thing is that that hasn't deterred me from eating it. I think the squid made me sick because it was reeeaaaally chewy and had a weird texture. I think I'd better stick with cooked squid.

The funny part: The head of the family/reverend told me to try their REAL wasabi (apparently the stuff in American restaurants is fake? Dunno what that's made out of), which he said was "not hot." was hot. :D So this is real, fresh wasabi:

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