Sunday, June 22, 2008

Experimenting With Sweet Couscous

Hmm...just realized these pics are kinda dark. My bad.

Sarah told me that she eats sweet couscous with powdered sugar, butter, and cinnamon (at least I think those are the ingredients she listed in the car!)...and ever since then I'd wanted to try it.

I didn't know how much of each ingredient I should I just experimented. Couscous by itself is easy to I wasn't afraid of that part at least. Oh! I actually found a really easy way to make it on this couscous blog. I watched this video from that site and followed the directions. Easy!


Haha! My bowl-ish plates worked perfectly for one cup of couscous!! Just barely, actually. According to that video linked above, you just put 1 cup of raw couscous in a bowl that can take heat and then add boiled water to about 1/4 inch above the couscous and let it sit for about 5 minutes while covered...and then it's done!

Fluff it up!

Cinnamon, powdered sugar, and butter:

Cinnamon, powdered sugar (without butter):

I think this is the one with the butter. I liked that one better:

Added some chocolate chips to the no-butter one. Maybe I just need to get used to it or was just okay. I'd be willing to try other ingredients though! For now I'll stick to eating it with salmon and savory things. Yum.

I also want to try other typically-salty things with sweet ingredients. Liiike pasta. Chocolate noodles sound good. I've tried it before, but it was just me adding melted choc chips to spaghetti or something, and that's not very fun. Wanna try to bake noodles w/ chocolate or something. If rice can be good in rice pudding, I'm sure noodles will be good in some kinda sweet dish.

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