Monday, June 23, 2008

Gregoire's Crispy Potato Puffs 6/20/08

Here's their website.

Tried their crispy potato puffs because The Daily Cal (sorry...I lost the link to that article) recommended them. I always try to try the foods their columnists recommend. This time I was disappointed. I was imagining something more like fried baked potato balls with cheese or something. The columnist made them too big of a deal. They're just...fried balls of mushed potatoes (POH-TAY-TOH! lol smeagol). I don't like the salt they have on the outsides, and the balls needed something on them, but I didn't like that ranch-ish sauce they gave me. I do have to say that several people have ranted & raved about how good they think these are, so you might as well try them if you think you'll like them.

They look like cream puffs or some kinda sweet balls with sugar on the outside.

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