Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rockridge Cafe: Part I

I ordered the "Ric Special," according to this menu, although I don't think that's what it was called on the hard copy. Best sausage ever. The ricotta pancakes were good too. Just like the Yelp users said, they really do melt in your mouth. I used a little syrup, but I think they were good even without anything on them. Definitely didn't add butter.

The sausage was wayy greasy and fatty...but still good! This one was a turkey...something...with red pepper and asiago I think:

Also took a scone home. Seems as though they only sell currant ones cuz they didn't ask me what kind I wanted. I was disappointed. I'm a scone freak cuz my mom I can usually tell when they use real cream and stuff. This scone had so many freaking currants in it that I couldn't even tell if I liked the scone itself. I don't think they used cream. Definitely not worth $2.05 or whatever it was, which was disappointing because I had read that they run out of scones quickly (which usually implies that they're good, right?). I always try to do some research before I try new places...but sometimes other raters don't have the same tastes as me.

Uh...just in case you wanted a different angle? ::shrugs::

SEE! So many currants! Gross! I've realized that I don't like raisins or currants in my scones. I only like chocolate chips, blueberries, and sometimes nuts.

Next time I wanna try their pumpkin waffle. Or the cornmeal waffle...or the challah french toast...or maybe something else. Haha. I'm curious about the chicken apple sausage too.

SUMMARY/General Review:
The goods:
+ Awesome sausage
+ Awesome, melt-in-your-mouth ricotta pancakes
+ Good service
+ Nice little neighborly cafe
+ Cheri said her burger was good
+ Gary has said the migas and the shakes are good
The bads:
- Some expensive items. A small glass of juice is $2.75, and Cheri and I weren't sure if refills were included in that price. Cappuccinos are $2.60.
- Not the healthiest, but it's good to know where the good splurging places are!
Would I go back (that is the ultimate question): YES!

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