Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jolly Time's Magic Mallow Popcorn

Whoa...bright. If you like sweet-and-salty popcorn, you might like this. You pop the popcorn and then add the marshmallow stuff, which doesn't really taste like marshmallows. Jolly Time also has a cinnamon bun one that's also really good (actually, I posted about it earlier). Jenny introduced me to these two flavors. So far everyone's loved it except for Derrick and Kurtis, who didn't comment much on it. Instead, Derrick had to go and pop my plastic chicken's placenta, which I'm sure was an accident, given the fact that he thought it was gross (haha!). Hmm...this picture looks nasty. That white stuff is the cleaner spray:

...Uh...I guess that wasn't really food-related. Oh well.

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