Monday, July 7, 2008

Eggs in a Crepe Pan

Oh wow...I love my non-stick crepe pan. I haven't actually tried making crepes in it yet, but eggs cook really well in them. Don't need any oil or butter. For this I used a tiny bit of my McCormick's Salt-Free Garlic & Herb seasoning just to see if it'd be good on eggs...and it is. Otherwise, I usually just like eggs plain. Looks like I did something special to these, but I didn't...I just cooked them on one side and sort flipped 'em around. Eggs are the best. It'd be really difficult being a vegan. Now I want hard-boiled eggs.

OH! I forgot to say that the trick to cooking eggs well is to use low heat. Learned that from Alton Brown. Love that show.

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