Sunday, July 6, 2008

A.G. Ferrari Foods: Lunch Before Beard Papa's

#1: Lucchese Panini: "Roasted chicken breast, sun-dried tomato pesto, Parmigiano and baby greens on olive oil focaccia." = $7.59

Location: $688 Mission St. in San Francisco (Berkeley also has two of these)

Story: I was originally planning on trying The Sentinel at 37 New Montgomery because Yelp reviewers said their blueberry muffins and sandwiches are good...but they were closed!! Grr. So I walked down Mission for just a couple of blocks and almost got a chocolate cheesecake muffin from Tart to Tart, but that place didn't look promising (you know how you can walk into a cafe, deli, restaurant, etc. and just know that it's going to be good?) so I left. Then I went into this place cuz it looked interesting with all of its Italian groceries and huge sandwich menu.

Good and tasty, but the chicken disappointed me--especially for what I paid! When the menu says "roasted chicken breast," I expect a chunk of roasted chicken breast, but this place shredded/sliced its meat. I noticed later that it really was chicken (I looked at the meats they slice up), but it tasted like a cold-cut turkey. Not very complimentary to them...but at least their sun-dried tomato pesto was good. I also got a free sample of some kinda spread (it was some kind of garlic thing that was pretty good). Wasn't too happy about the lady handing me the bread chip thing with her bare hands though (I just ate around that part). Anyways, I don't think it was worth my money, but maybe I just don't know that much about Italian meats or sandwich meats in general...maybe it was some really high-quality chicken. Who knows? And the focaccia wasn't anything special either. It wasn't seasoned with herbs, which is how I like it. I probably wouldn't go back. SF's too big and has too many other potentially way better food places. The rest of the store had expensive things too. Small box of cookies for $15. I'm sure it's good quality and all, but I don't think many people would spend that much on those tiny little things.

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