Saturday, July 5, 2008

SF's Beard Papa's

$2.25 cream puff

San Francisco Shopping Center
845 Market Street Suite # FE 16
San Francisco, CA 94103

I think I got a buncha stares while taking these photos. Oh well. It was worth the stares! Look at that cold, smooth, creamy vanilla bean filling. Mmmm.

Oooo I struck gold today! I just wish I coulda sampled everything they had, which wasn't much (I only saw cheesecake stick things, vanilla bean cream puffs, chocolate-filled cream puffs, eclairs, and chocolate fondant cakes--oo!!). Anyways, you can see pictures, find their locations, etc. at their website here.

I was trying to find a bathroom in the mall (in SF) today, but first I saw Beard Papa's, and I just had to stop and get something (good thing I decided against that chocolate muffin at Tart to Tart...which didn't look that great). I'd heard of Beard Papa's before, but I can't remember where or when. It's pretty popular,'s located all over the US, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, etc. Supposed to start up in the UK and the Middle East too. They're hard-core. Anyways, I saw their decorative ball things hanging from the ceiling, and I knew right away that it had to be a cream puff place (I that a foodie's instinct or had I been to this place before? lol). OH! Later, this lady nearby asked her daughter (or whoever that was) what Beard Papa's was, and the girl answered, "I think they have crepes." NOO!! I wanted SO badly to correct her, but they walked away quickly. Dang it! And I watched them leave to see if they'd look at Beard Papa's to see if it really sold crepes, but they didn't. Sucks for them...and maybe for Beard Papa's. Oh well.

Hm...there's one in Costa Mesa's Marukai! the way, it was founded by a Japanese dude. Hence, the "Japanese" tag.

MMmmm...I really want to go back. I asked the cashier if the eclair or the cream puff was better, and he immediately said the cream puff was, so that's what I got, and I figured I should get their basic flavor (vanilla bean) because I wanted to start off with their main product (i.e., what they're famous for). Good choice. Now I have to try everything else. I was really tempted to buy more things and save them for later for my parents and myself, but I wanted to avoid being an unhealthy pig who spends too much money on food she doesn't really need. Plus, I didn't have a good feeling about freezing them for a week. I think my family should just try them fresh. I'm satisfied.

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