Friday, July 18, 2008

Luna Bars

Somehow my dad ended up with a buncha free Luna Bars.

1. Vanilla Macadamia: Couldn't taste vanilla or macadamia. Nothing exciting. Would not buy.

2. Berry Pomegranite: Meh. Tastes like the typical soft fruit granola bar: Not very tasty...boring...and not worth your money.

3. Nutz Over Chocolate: Not bad, but not yummy either. I dunno. Just unimpressive. Oh--and my mom and I were disappointed that there are no actual nuts (they were like rice krispies things). At least the chocolate-dipped bottom was a little exciting.

Argh...apparently I didn't take pics of the best one (the Mint Chocolate one). Dang. Oh well. Like the others, it wasn't amazing, but I love chocolate and mint together, and it was good enough to eat more than once, although I probably would only buy it if I were really hungry.

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