Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fresno's Obon 2008

*After you read this, you'll want to go to SF's obon...and maybe all of the others*

I'm starting with the best food at obon, which is always the koroke (aka croquette), which is filled with potato and meat:

Made some of these pics small cuz they came out blurry, but this is my somen salad, which was too small for $4!!! At least it came with iced tea...I guess....

Patrick's ... um... lol I won't say it. You know what they look like. Inari sushi (you pronounce it "inarizushi" though). We usually just call them footballs.

I always give in to those darn cute girl scouts. Too bad their strawberry shortcake isn't good. lol I don't really like strawberry shortcake to begin with...and then their strawberries were still a little frozen (I told them to leave the whipped cream off):

I ate this teriyaki burger for Kati...and because I was hungry and didn't know what else to eat. Plus, I have a soft spot for these burgers since Clovis Jr. YBA was in charge of it for so many ears (I co-chaired twice! Don't ask how/why that happened). I added lettuce and ... sauce or something later. Good but kinda dry...maybe because I got it late in the night:

This year the boy scouts sold corn (told them no butter), which was really good (eww sorry my hand is in this):

And the cub scouts sold lumpia, which turned out to be really good! I didn't buy any at first because ... well, would you trust a Japanese lumpia? ' I'd normally only trust a Filipino-made one. Hmmm...maybe these were from a Filipino place. Who knows? Apparently our orange chicken was from Panda Express lol

And what is obon without snow cones? This year they had condensed milk as an optional ingredient!! Usually they just have regular ones and ones with kinoki (sweet azuki/beans). I got a grape/strawberry one w/ condensed milk:

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