Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Manpuku (College Ave): 7/23/08

The YWCA's English in Action program is so cool. My English partner, who's from France, and I were walking back from Safeway today, and we decided to have dinner together. I asked her if she wanted to have Mexican food cuz there was a Mexican place just ahead, but she said she wanted to try Chinese or Japanese. I didn't think there'd be a really quick Chinese or Japanese food place nearby (we had like 15 minutes to eat!), but we came across Manpuku, where you can order or just pick up sushi trays/boxes. So we got two and she tried everything. And chopsticks. This was her very first time having I was really nervous. She ended up liking it all (even the wasabi and ginger)! Whew. It took me years to like raw fish, and she liked it on the first bite! I think she and I are going to have SO much fun eating together over the next few months. haha. She's gonna show me how to make crepes with beer! And I thought I wouldn't have anything to look forward to about turning 21 (I don't drink or really like the taste of alcohol)! The first alcoholic beverage I'm buying will be beer for crepes. How odd. :D Oh--just to clarify, she said the beer makes the crepes thicker.

Anyways! Here's what we ate today:

The presentation was a bit messy, but they were good. Kinda expensive, but it's sushi...and it was very convenient for us at the time (i.e., we needed something Japanese or Chinese that we could get and eat within 15 minutes).

Next time we gotta try non-sushi Japanese food. And fried chicken. And Chinese food. And French food? Dunno.

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