Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Udupi Palace

* pictures below *

1901 University Ave. (@ MLK) in Berkeley
Website here.

Now one of my favorite restaurants!! I didn't even miss meat at all (this is a vegetarian restaurant). Very interesting flavors, each dish completely unique from the others. I would DEFINITELY go back. The only two things that disappointed me were that they don't accept credit card (shouldn't they have sign somewhere? Or do they?) and that they didn't have all of the dessert options listed on their website. No kulfi or any kind of ice cream. That's why we went to Naia afterwards (see Gelateria Naia post).

Alex and I went crazy and got two appetizers and three dishes...and just split everything. SUCH a good idea. We should always eat family-style. Sorry if I got the names below wrong. I looked most of the things up, but I coulda come across incorrect information.


1. Medu vadas (er...i think...it was one of those the fried lentil donut options):

kinda dry and plain by itself.

2. Samosas (gooood)

Inside a samosa:

Aloo mutter (potato & peas curry) served with rice, chapati, pickle, raita, papad & dessert (this ended up being a VERY citrusy-tasting piece of orange or lime or something that Alex and I thought was gross):

here's that citrusy thing:
This was REALLY good (alex thought so too!). rich, creamy, and spicy:

a very curious thing (puffy chapati? couldn't figure this out):

Mixed vegetable uthappam (didn't taste like what it looks like it would taste; it was a tiny bit sour, but it was good! It was like a savory pancake) served with sambar and coconut chutney:

Umm...one of the rice specialties (the rice thing was creamy and bland at first--until you bit into a peppercorn):

The rice thing up close:

papad up close:

All gone (well, we had SOME leftovers)!

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