Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great China (restaurant)

Great China's website.
2115 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Ate there tonight (7/30/08) for the second time (the first time was with Ian, Alex, and Wendy) with my aunt and uncle (who know an awful lot about food and are REALLY GOOD cooks!!) because my aunt's friend told her about their delicious food. My aunt didn't have the list of recommended dishes to we asked the waiter, who was really helpful and nice. Yelp reviews here.


Double Skin (according to their menu, it's "freshly made mung bean flat noodles served with blanched julienned carrots, cucumber, egg crepe, calamari, shrimp, sea cucumber, onions, mushroom, and pork," which is "hand-tossed at the table with a soy sauce vinaigrette and hot Chinese mustard"). Pretty interesting. Light and healthy-tasting (in a good way)...and not really spicy, although the guy didn't add all of the mustard since it was our first time trying it. I ATE SEA CUCUMBER!! lol I'd only poked it in the ocean before. How exciting. Anyway, I don't normally like sea food all that it was weird for me to actually eat a plate full of it.

Before the mixing:


After (sorry...blurry):

The mustard smelled/tasted like wasabi. I think I would hate it by itself. Mixed in with the soy sauce vinaigrette was good though.


Some kinda tofu dish. As my boss would say, "HEAVEN!" Pretty much like agedashi tofu (see Anzu post) except with a less intense taste than that of Anzu's. soft on the inside!

Walnut shrimp, which is also pictured above (although my family loves this dish, we don't go out of our way to order it, but tonight we did because the waiter praised it a lot, claiming that no one makes it the way they do):

Uhh...dried tofu and somethin' 'n' somethin'. Cabbage and bean sprouts? I liked the dried tofu, and the texture was interesting (in a good way), but I don't absolutely have to have it again.

I'd go back a third time for sure.

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