Friday, August 1, 2008

Did you know "gelato" means "frozen"?

Gelateria Naia (Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley).
Many other locations. Website here.

Didn't Alex's gelato look good? I can't remember what he got. Nutella, Cioccolat Mortale, and...I dunno. Stuffed ourselves at Udupi (see Udupi Palace post) and then stuffed some gelato down too. I think we were trying to kill ourselves that night.

Currently my two favorite gelato flavors = Chocolate-Covered Cherry and Cioccolat Mortale (rich chocolate with bits of cookie or brownie-like thing):

Mitosis! Anaphase or telophase. Can't decide. Telophase. Mneumonics totally work. Ask me sometime...and you'll never ever forget the stages of mitosis.

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