Monday, September 29, 2008

Chocolatier Blue

Yes--I bought all of those. $15-something. No--I'm not eating them all myself. I'm going home next weekend so I thought I'd share con mi familia. And roomies and neighbor. So excited. I LOVE EATING AND SHARING FOOD. Anyways, I went there today with Alex and Sam because we had all heard about it in this Daily Cal article and before that too. Yelp ratings here. Aaaand...Chocolatier Blue's website is here. SO GOOD. I'm definitely going back.

I only took pics of the pistachio and peanut butter & jelly ones (see below), but they also let us try the passion fruit & caramel one. I had to try the peanut butter & jelly one because the one I got from Ethel's in Chicago was amazing and I wanted to compare them. The pistachio and the passion fruit ones were FREE samples. Mr. Blue was so nice...I was telling the lady that I wanted all of them but the passion fruit one, and when he asked why, I told him I didn't like the flavor of passion fruit, and he told me a little about it and they gave all three of us samples. Awesome. Didn't taste like the typical passion fruit flavor...and passion fruit + caramel are surprisingly good together!

NOTES: Thin chocolate shell, melty, delicious centers, unique flavors, cute shapes and colors.

This one differs from Ethel's in that the pb & j aren't separate in Chocolatier Blue's. Both are delicious though.

Just have a pic of the right side because I didn't want to be rude and take a picture of the other side while the employee was there.

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