Monday, November 3, 2008

La Note for Dinner

La Note's website HERE.
Yelp ratings here.


Hmm...cute interior, but I don't think the food was worth the money. The drinks were good though. This bread wasn't that great. Too tough.

Sorry...can't find the official names of these drinks. The left one is alcoholic, and the right one isn't (sadly...I thought it was and was excited to finally use my ID, but it ended up being sparkling water with cranberry juice and orange juice or something, which was pretty good--just not alcoholic).

Minh-Chau's ratatouille (sausage) - took from far away so the flash wouldn't ruin the picture...yea...I gotta figure out how to use my camera correctly:

My Poulet a la Moutards (the chicken was tender, but overall it was kind of bland and certainly not worth $18-whatever, which ended up being $20-whatever):

Too expensive. Maybe I'll go back for brunch because I heard that's good. hm. Need to work extra hours or something.

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