Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cafe Madeleine

300 California St
(between Battery St & Sansome St)
San Francisco, CA 94104
Website *WOW - look at their pics! Their cakes, which I didn't seen when I was there, look amazing!
Yelp ratings here

I was in SF for work one day this semester...and I was hungry...and I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was in the city, so I asked someone working in the building I was about to leave if this place had good sandwiches. She automatically said they were good, so I believed her and tried the sandwich with grilled chicken breast, Brie cheese and sliced apples with sundried tomato aioli on filone bread for $7.75 (not cheap...but I felt like being adventurous).

Hot, big, and both sweet & salty. I'm not really a huge fan of apples with cheese though, although my mom is. I know the combination is popular in other countries like France ... and I remember we had red apples with American cheese slices for snack time at Campus Club way back in elementary school (DISGUSTING!! I HATE AMERICAN CHEESE!...but I love other cheeses made in America, of course!). Anyways, this was still good, but I'd say the only two problems were that there was too much cheese (so fatty!), and it was a little too burnt for me, but that's just me.

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