Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Harvest's Super Healthy Muffin

Bought this when I met with Jessica over Thanksgiving break. :)

Aw man...I took this bottom picture later (after I had gone home), so the lighting & coloring's differing. The bottom one looks green and gross compared the one one above. But doesn't that middle look awesome? The texture was perfect. Nutty, coarse but not too heavy, crunchy, or hard. It also wasn't too sweet. I was completely in love with it until my mom said that it has a particular flavor that she comes across in a lot of baked goods that are supposed to be healthy. For some reason (psychology here!), after she said that, I noticed that weird flavor...and I no longer loved it. It's amazing how easily others' opinions & perceptions affect my own opinions & perceptions--even after I've already established one.

As for how it's healthy, I asked an employee, and he acted like he wasn't sure ... and mumbled something about only using whole grains and yadda yadda. I had to ask if it was called "super healthy" (emphasis added). Oh well. It tasted like a healthy muffin (tend to be dense, grainy, wheaty, & not really flavorful) if you're not into that, don't even try this. I still love the texture though. What was that flavor?? Once I tasted it, it was kind of a nasty flavor that reminded me of some kind of medicine or weird grain. Or maybe a combination of a grain with honey. had a kind of sweet, earthy flavor (if that makes any sense).

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Daniel D said...

That last picture there looks like the muffin was a starving child that's bleeding out his last before he finally passes away at the footsteps of New York's Central tragic ;_;