Monday, December 29, 2008

Visão (Quady), Raspberry Passport (Ficklin), & Purple (Quady)

I've posted about Purple before, but here are a couple of others from Madera (two are from Quady Winery, and the middle one's from Ficklin Vineyards):

The first one is a 2006 13.5% alc/vol. California red wine called Visão (Portuguese for "dreams" according to the back of the bottle) from Quady Winery.

The second is Raspberry Passport, an 18.0% alc/vol. "grape wine with natural flavors added" from Ficklin Vineyards.

My mom and I tried the Raspberry Passport (from Ficklin) on top of vanilla ice cream. I'm not a huge raspberry fan in general, but this was pretty good with ice cream! Purple is also awesome with ice cream.
Purple is a 15.0% alc/vol dessert wine that tastes like a purple popsicle (for adults).

I also REALLY love Quady's Electra wines. Like I said, I'm not a huge wine person, so when I tried the white Electra, which is halfway between grape juice and wine, I was very impressed and wanted to eat the frozen version all myself and then drink another bottle of it unfrozen. Seriously...that good. Everyone who's tried it that I've talked with said it was really good, including a few who were very enthusiastic about them.

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