Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nabolom Valentine's Day Gift

Nabolom Bakery (pizza and drink are probably from somewhere else)
2708 Russell Street
Berkeley, CA 94705

Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly

I finally have my laptop back. I have my camera too, but I'm sending it back tomorrow because Nikon never fixed my problem. GR!

Anyways, I got to see my dad for about one minute (two minutes?) yesterday because he had to go somewhere nearby for work. He gave me some pizza, a blackberry drink, and pastries from Nabolom Bakery for Valentine's Day/for fun. I don't actually know where he got the pizza or the drink, but everything was delicious, and I never knew Nabolom Bakery was vegan-friendly, although I think those muffins tasted like vegan muffins, which I LOVE. Gave my mom a blueberry scone from there once.

In the box: I don't know what they were actually called, but from what I've seen, Dad gave me a blackberry & walnut muffin, a chocolate chip & walnut muffin, a giant chocolate chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate croissant, and a giant chocolate chip cookie. The muffins tasted similar to each other and were very dense and only a tiny bit sweet (PERFECT!). The choc choc chip cookie was hard (as opposed to chewy or soft) and chocolatey. I didn't care too much for the chocolate chip cookie because it was sweet and didn't taste like the ones I'm used to I guess. The chocolate-filled croissant was yummy, of course.

That drink is Columbia Gorge's Certified Organic Wild Blackberry Smoothie. Mmm. Not sure what to say about it. It's "made from Oregon organic blackberries, harvested at their peak of ripeness. Then blended with bananas, apples, and oranges, we create this wonderful organic taste sensation."

The pizza was good too, although if you don't like rosemary or strong-scented/flavored plants, you might not like it. At first I thought the taste of the rosemary was going to be too strong, but it ended up being good. Not that any of what I just said matters because I have no idea where Dad got it. I'll find out.

I don't like Valentine's Day ... except when my parents give me food. :P

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Grace said...

that's the biggest, most glorious cookie i've ever seen. period. :)