Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oasis Grill's Falafel

Oasis Grill
2114 Center St (between Shattuck and Oxford)
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 666-8951
Yelp ratings here.

Ordered 1/8/09-ish. Can't remember the price.

I haven't been updating because Nikon still has my camera. Here are pics of the last meal I photographed. Sorry the pic of the inside is blurry. The whole reason why my camera is with Nikon is that the macro setting doesn't work.

I only ordered this because I had a free sample of their falafel a couple of weeks before I got this. The first falafel I had was from The Bear's Lair's Cheese 'n' Stuff, and it was awfully dry and flavorless, but since so many people seem to like falafel, I had to give it another try. The next opportunity I had was FREE, and the falafel itself was delicious. The free sample (and the falafel in the sandwich pictured above) wasn't too dry, its texture was great, and it tasted good to me. Crispy but still soft on the inside, fresh, warm, and tasty. If you go inside, they might give you a free sample.

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