Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mitsuwa's Mochi Pan

MMM. I decided to get these last weekend (7/19/09) at Mitsuwa (one of the LA area ones) because of the phrase "popular 'chewy' bread." It's amazing what one word or phrase can do to influence whether a person purchases a product or not. "Best bugers in town"-like signs work on me. haha Anyway, I'd DEFINITELY get these again. In fact, I'll be looking for them the next time I go to Mitsuwa. If only we had those places in CenCal.

Chewy on the inside:

Someone (Brady) just asked about recipes, and I found these links (I'm going to try making them too someday):

(1) Baking 'n' Cooking

(2) baking friends unite

(3) The Back Burner

(4) Other blogs that wrote about mochi pan


Brady said...

I saw these at Mitsua in Costa Mesa yesterday and was very tempted to try them.

I figured I would try to make them at home instead, but can't find any recipes for it. Any ideas?


Corriendo said...

Try them! Or you can try these recipes:




Brady said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the recipes! I'll give those a try as well.

Corriendo said...

No problem.