Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fresno Fair 10/17/09 - Including those TACOS!!

Hadn't been there since around second grade I believe. I am now case you were wondering.

Kurtis's funnel cake:


That's Kurtis:


I saw SPIDERMAN!! The preschoolers would be jealous.

My delicious bierock, which they called a "German hamburger." I guess it is like that...except it's in calzone form. haha They're pretty easy to make.

If you ever go, and you like tacos, you have to try their soft tacos. This year, they were $2.75 I think. Something like that. They're so good that my mom even requested that I bring some home. They put mashed potatoes in them. Somehow my mom has or had the recipe...but when she tried it, she said it wasn't the same. Hate when that happens.

Healthy food everywhere.

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