Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hot Cross Bun from Genesee Bakery & Deli

Genesee Bakery & Deli
1677 Mt. Hope Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620
Website here

$0.60 for a hot cross bun. Is that good? :shrugs:

Yesterday I went to Rochester from Albany, NY, so today I explored a tiny bit of Rochester. I took pictures at the University of Rochester, and then I walked around in the snow. Stumbled on this little bakery...and I only got something there because this couple who gave me directions had just bought cupcakes from there. I didn't know hot cross buns actually have crosses on them or that they are religious foods for some people. Read more about hot cross buns here. These always remind me of fourth grade when we played easy songs like "Hot Cross Buns" on our recorders (kinda like a small, cheapy, high-pitched version of a clarinet).

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