Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jacques Torres in NYC

I actually wanted to go to Jacques Torres ever since Giada di Laurentiis mentioned their spicy hot chocolate on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, but I hadn't planned on tracking it down when Ijust happened to walk by it in Manhattan the other week when I was looking for Levain Bakery (post on that coming soon).

Anyway, this chocolate is sooo, so good. I only tried the Coffee Break and Dangerously Dark (I looove dark chocolate) bars. I think this was the first coffee-flavored bar I've liked. If I go back, I'd get chocolate bark (apparently that's the thing people familiar with the place do: They come just for the bark because it's the cheapest bar you can get - They're messy, broken-up pieces of chocolate without the fancy wrapping for prices around $1.60/$1.90 ... vs. the $2.00 bars shown below) and a spicy ("Wicked") hot chocolate. I didn't get a drink this time because I had just had the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity the day before.

Sorry for the bad flash again.

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