Sunday, March 28, 2010

More From Ethel's: American Pop Flavors

My Aunt J and Uncle J went to Las Vegas and bought us a lot of chocolate from Ethel's! This was a few months ago.... I've been way behind in my blogging.
Here are the American Pop flavors. Didn't like the cheesecake or blueberry (but when do I like blueberry truffles?). I did like the peanut butter one...but my favorite is still that PB&J one. I didn't really try the rest. Oh! That American pie one was a let-down. So was the pudding pie, but that American pie was just weird. I didn't know what kind of pie it was supposed to be.

Overall though, YUM!!! I'll post the rest of the pictures later (of the non-American Pop truffles).

Wayy better picture of my beloved PB&J truffle (remember this post from that Chicago food tour? That picture of the same kind of truffle was blurry, and the truffle was all squashed). I love the separate little compartments for the jelly and the peanut butter! Oh yes...and the jelly was less liquid-y this time.

Either the gingerbread one or the maple one (Hey...They look the same!):

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