Saturday, June 5, 2010

DIY Cake Pops for Baby Shower Guests!


Aren't these the cutest little decorations?? This is the first baby shower I've attended as an invited guest (me going with my mom as a little girl to my aunt's doesn't count).

Cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches (on good brioche, btw), chocolate muffins, cupcakes of some kind, another kind of muffin (I didn't eat it), a fruit salad, and then cake pops later.

Learned about cake pops from Bakerella, of course. I was going to make them myself, but my co-workers/friends suggested that we have the guests make 'em themselves. Good idea, but honestly I'd make them myself next time because these cake pops are hard to deal with when they get warmer out of the refrigerator and start falling apart. It was neat to have the guests add their own decorations of preference though! Basically, here's what you do:

(1) Bake a cake mix cake & let it cool
(2) Mix cooled cake with a little tub of frosting
(3) Form little one-inch balls
(4) Dip sticks in melted candy melts or whatever you want to use so the sticks have something to stick to when they're inserted into the cake balls.
(5) Stick sticks into cake balls.
(6) Once balls are attached to the sticks, refrigerate them so that they're stiff
(7) Dip the balls into your melted candy melts (or chocolate or whatever you want) and decorate with sprinkles or whatever you want.

I'm sure these would taste better when made with homemade cake & frosting, although I still loooove Funfetti cake and frosting. You can also make brownie pops, which can taste AWESOME when done right.

Where do you get the cake pop supplies? Joann Fabric & Craft Stores, Michael's, etc. Pretty much any artsy craftsy stores. You can get sprinkles at grocery stores, Target, etc. I got my candy melts and lollipop sticks at Joann and my cake mix and frosting at Vons. Next time I'll try these either with brownies or with homemade cake and homemade frosting.

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