Friday, July 30, 2010

Somen, Tea, & Other Church Food

I rarely go to church, but this was a special occasion. Sometimes you get real food after church services, but usually they serve punch/tea/water and cookies. OH! Scroll down for more church food.

7.18.10 in the 'No: Somen is so good on a hot summer day.

I'd never been to a service (one in Fowler) that served so much food for just a snack! Each person gets one of these plates!! That jell-o cheesecake thing is delicious. I've had it several times before, but the last time I remember was this one from when we were making mochi. Again, I'm not a huge jell-o fan, but this and that one jell-o dish with pretzels, butter, etc. are so yummy.

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