Monday, August 16, 2010

Seattle Food Tour Stop 4: Clam Chowder

Taste Pike Place Food Tour with Seattle Food Tours

Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
Website here.

Oh look...the lady was nice and smiled for my picture. Haha! I remember her smiling, actually.

I like clam chowder when it's not really clam-y tasting. This was pretty darn good (I can see why it's award-winning!), but it's also soooo rich, so I don't know if I could eat a whole bowl by myself. Definitely a cup.


Catherina said...

Mmmm clam chowder...

For us clam lovers out there, were there still a lot of clams in it? I know you said it didn't taste really fishy but a lot of that has to do with the quality of the clams as well. I'm just curious because clam chowder is must for me along the coast =)

Corriendo said...

haha Ohh..Have u tried the clam chowder at Pismo's in Fresno? Their chowder is pretty clammy, so I'm guessing you'd like it. I didn't have a lot of clams in mine, but it was a pretty small sample. All I remember was trying desperately to take a quick, clear picture (didn't work out) before the tour group moved on and also the rich, buttery flavor.

Catherina said...

I haven't! I've only been to Pismo's once and I had the ahi poke =). Yeah I hate rushing pics and the clearest thing in it isn't the subject I wanted but everything around and behind it lol. Still looks good to me though =)

Corriendo said...

:) thanks. yeah! go there for their chowder! i didn't like it cuz i don't like strong clam flavors, so you should like it!