Monday, August 16, 2010

Seattle Food Tour Stop 5: Smoked Salmon

Taste Pike Place Food Tour with Seattle Food Tours

Pike Place Fish
Pike Place Fish Market
86 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101
Website here.

This was the best smoked salmon I've ever had. I guess that's not saying a whole lot since I haven't had it that many times (I used to dislike it), but this was seriously SO GOOD. The food tour guide was right when he said that it's neither too fishy nor too smokey. Wish I had gotten a bigger piece! If you don't like seafood that much, this place would definitely gross you out because there's fish, crabs, etc. all over the place splayed out in a way that's almost obscene. This place is very famous though. It's where they throw fish to each other and shout things out when someone makes a purchase. How did the fish-throwing tradition start? The answer's actually not that crazy: It was just an easy, more efficient way to transport fish rather than having to walk all the way over to your co-worker every single time. Funny.

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Catherina said...

I loved watching them throw the fish around! So much fun and seeing all that good seafood made me sooo hungry lol. Glad you liked the smoked salmon...some of my favorite stuff =)