Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seattle Food Tour Stop 6: Truffle Oil @ La Buona Tavola

Taste Pike Place Food Tour with Seattle Food Tours

La Buona Tavola
1524 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101-1527
Website here.

Wow...I've had truffle (the fungus--not the chocolate kind) stuff before (Foodies know what it is! Just check out food blogs and you'll notice food trends) but never really knew what it was or appreciated how special it is. I was recently watching people digging for truffles, so it was cool to actually taste some truffle salt and test out truffle oil in what I think the owner said was potato leek soup--so good!!! One lady on the tour admitted that she didn't think the oil would make that big of a difference but that it did and tasted great. It's kind of mushroomy. The oil was like a mushroom form of olive oil. Anyway, it was so good that my dad and I want to buy it someday.

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Catherina said...

Interesting! I always wanted to try truffle oil and have always wondered how much of a difference it would make in food =). Sounds yummy!