Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thai Royal Orchid is Amazing - Fresno, CA

Thai Royal Orchid
6735 North 1st Street
Fresno, CA 93710-3948

** Repost (originally posted 9/1/10) - Added a few pictures at the bottom on 6/29/11 **

This first dish below is one of my absolute favorite restaurant dishes/dishes in general! I've been so excited to write about this dish here. It's Thai Royal Orchid's mango salad, which you can order with or without chicken. I wasn't a mango fan until recently (a couple of years ago maybe?), but now that I am, this dish is just wonderful. Here is a kinda similar mango salad recipe that tastes pretty awesome too, but it's not the same or as good as this place's, although maybe it just tastes better because someone else at a Thai place made it. Anyway, check out the other pictures below. The other dishes are DELICIOUS here too. My family orders pad thai, rad na, pad si-ew, anything with chili jam, any kind of curry, etc. The fam likes the owner too, which is another big plus!

Calamari appetizer:

Beef or pork chili jam and pad thai:

Rad na and yellow curry? Orange? Red? Who the heck can tell from this pic? I know it's not green though. I think it's supposed to be yellow. Whatever it is, yum!


We went back another time (we LOVE this place) with Blake (my boyfriend) and had this neat & delicious appetizer. You get to put the food over the fire yourself and then dip it into a peanut sauce. Here it is with the fire visible: 

Without the fire (with flash):

Fresh mango with sweet sticky rice (I usually don't like this kinda dessert, but that day it tasted really good):


Catherina said...

This is my parent's favorite Thai place...we used to go all the time =). Glad to see their food is still amazing! Have you ever been to Imperial Garden, on Blackstone a little south of Herndon?

Corriendo said...

mmmm!! i love this place, time for thai, and thai house. i heard there's a new one somewhere too. thai kitchen or something like that. anyways, fam loves imperial garden. my grandparents had an anniversary party there, actually. i think i see someone i know there every time my family eats there. lol